Part Time Teacher Assistant

Cairo, Egypt


Mission: Enrich the classroom environment by assisting the classroom teacher in providing students with a challenging American education.

Job Expectations: 

  • Work with the classroom teacher to monitor the students, the class, and the class schedule.
  • Ensure that students are safe.
  • Proactively watch and interact with students, including but not limited to in-between classes, during lunch/recess, after school dismissal, and field trips.
  • Assist classroom teacher in lesson preparation by getting materials ready and setting up equipment.
  • Work with individual and/or groups of students to help them in their learning. 
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions on photocopying and other tasks (sharpening pencils, cleaning and preparing materials for class, checking student bags, taking homework out of folders, etc.).
  • Complete promptly so that they are ready when needed. 
  • Collaborate with the teacher for the appropriate times to complete copying, cutting, bulletin board tasks. 
  • Do not do this work during times when you are meant to be working with the students.
  • Transition students between classes, maintaining proper hallway expectations.
  • Treat students with kindness and respect. 

If you don’t like to be yelled at, then you should not yell at students.

  • Do not physically grab or pull a student’s arm or body in punishment. 

Be firm. Expect students to follow the rules but respond to them in a calm and even voice level. 

  • Ensure the classroom environment is safe and clean.
  • Recognize and take initiative when you see educational teaching moments while working with individuals or small groups. Be proactive.
  • Always use English in your conversations with students, unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
  • Refer parents to the classroom teacher in all matters relating to the students.

Direct parent concerns to the teacher.

  • Attend some meetings and PDs as directed by the teacher and/or administration.
  • Follow school guidelines: dress code, punctuality, attendance.
  • Jeans are not to be worn during the school day, unless attending a field trip with the classroom.  
  • Mobile phone use for personal business is prohibited during the day when you are supposed to be working in the classroom or supervising children. 

Personal calls can be made during break time or after dismissal. 

Job Requirements: 

  • A University degree
  • English proficiency of no less than 3.5, preferably 4.0 or greater on the WIDA
  • Experience working with children strongly preferred

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