High School Social Emotional Counselor

Cairo, Egypt

At the American International School of Egypt, we believe that our students' emotional health and well-being are vital components of their overall success. We are seeking a dedicated and compassionate individual to serve as a High School Social-Emotional Counselor. In this position, you will play a pivotal role in providing counseling services, fostering a positive social-emotional environment, and supporting the personal growth of our students. You will be a valued member of our student support team. 


  • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions to address high school students' personal, social, and emotional challenges.
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to identify students needing counseling services and develop personalized plans to meet their needs.
  • Assess and evaluate students' social-emotional strengths and challenges, monitoring their progress and adjusting counseling strategies accordingly.
  • Respond to critical situations and provide immediate support and intervention to students in crisis.
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to create a supportive school community, attending team meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other school events.
  • Promote mental health awareness by developing and implementing programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns for students, parents, and staff.


Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field.

Proven experience in providing counseling services to high school students.

Knowledge of adolescent development, social-emotional learning, and mental health issues.

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish rapport with students and parents.

Excellent communication and active listening skills.

Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information.

Familiarity with crisis intervention techniques and protocols.

Ability to collaborate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple responsibilities.